Exclusive Pet Coach SG x Tails Up Programmes!

Tails Up and Pet Coach presents curated programmes exclusively for Tails Up Daycare pups.

The co-created Hips Dont Lie programme strengthens targeted muscles in the rear assembly in order to reduce the risk or worsening of conditions such as luxating patella and hip dysplasia, while the Em-pawered Pups cooperative care classes enable low-stress and more accurate diagnosis during veterinary visits.

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In-clinic Behaviour Consultations at Canopy Veterinary Centre

We’ve partnered up with the experienced and dedicated veterinary team at Canopy Veterinary Centre to offer behaviour consultations in-clinic every Thursday. Address all your pet’s primary care needs in one place at Canopy Veterinary Centre.

For a 30 min consultation priced at $45, talk to our certified behaviour consultants about anything related to behaviour, such as training, socialisation, toileting issues and even strategies to help your furkid have a better experience and reduce anxiety during vet visits.

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