A dog extends its paw towards a human hand in a gesture of cooperation.

Canine Cooperative Care

Is your dog anxious or fearful during nail trims or veterinary examinations? Does it struggle try to get away? Such behaviours tell us that the dog is distressed and having a really tough time! Imagine how much smoother these procedures would be if your dog felt calm and at ease. 

Cooperative care is a training approach that helps dogs become comfortable and even enjoy grooming and veterinary procedures. We prioritise the dog’s choice and control, allowing them to participate willingly in the process. This creates a positive experience for everyone involved.

Developing strong cooperative care behaviours has long-term benefits for your dog’s well-being. It enables veterinarians to provide accurate health diagnoses and reduces the need for forceful restraint. By improving your dog’s healthcare and emotional state, you can significantly enhance their quality of life.

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What we will cover:
A dog extends its paw towards a human hand in a gesture of cooperation.

Canine Cooperative Care (Fundamentals)

Group Class

We offer private classes @ $180 per 1hr 30min Session. Click Here to book your first consult!

Behaviours taught:

Nail Trims

Chin Rest

Ear Inspections

Paw Handling


Weighing Scale Training

Physical Vet Exams

Stethoscope Auscultation

  • Class Duration: 1 hr 15 mins, 6 classes
  • Dates: Saturdays, Once a Week
  • Class Timing: 3.30pm - 4.45pm
  • Instructor: Qiai Chong, MSc, CSB-D, CPDT-KSA
  • Class Size: 4-6 dogs with pet parents
  • Course Fee*: $650

    *includes a non-slip machine washable pet mat

Why bother?

Cooperative care teaches 2-way communication, fostering a solid bond between us and our pets. We learn to read very subtle body language and react accordingly, for the benefit of the pet’s welfare!

Cooperative care also enhances predictability and control for the pet, two key concepts in animal welfare science. Allowing the animal to control part of the process, and predict what is going to happen, can provide stress relief, reduced anxiety and overall more positive emotional states – especially during stressful procedures such as grooming and vet care.

This programme is designed for:

  • Pet parents who love their dogs enough to put their welfare first!
  • Pet parents looking to pick up valuable training skills
  • Dogs that are fully vaccinated, dewormed and not undergoing heat
  • Dogs that are comfortable in a group class setting, near other dogs and unfamiliar people (i.e. not aggressive or overly fearful)
  • Pet parents who can attend the class once a week. Consistency is crucial as the programme builds upon previous lessons, ensuring maximum benefits from this comprehensive course. 

Our class focuses on providing a strong foundation in cooperative care knowledge and skills.

The principles and techniques you and your dog learn can be applied to various behaviours even after the class ends.

We believe in the importance of continuing education not just for humans, but also for our pets. As class graduates, you have the exclusive opportunity to participate in our Advanced Modules. Stay tuned for more short courses that delve into advanced cooperative care behaviours, taking you to the PRO level! It’s a wonderful way to strengthen the bond with your dog and engage in enjoyable activities together.

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