Our Contributions

As professionals, we strive to educate – not alienate! 

We work hard to provide low cost, good quality programmes for the general public. We also collaborate synergistically with other pet professionals who share our values in animal welfare, for the most optimal results.

Public Education

We frequently participate in pet-related events as experienced educators with a strong foundation in scientific expertise.

Our goal is to drive positive impact towards pet care, debunk harmful myths around animal behaviour and to make the latest research accessible to pet owners.

Collaboration with other Pet Professionals

Pet Coach consultants don’t work in silos. In fact, working closely with other professionals often produces the best results. It takes a village to treat behaviour problems!

We collaborate with trusted Veterinarians, Day Care, Dog Walkers and Groomers to provide seamless care for your beloved pet.

We’re also all about blending services and know-how with experts from various fields to create awesome synergistic results.

Contributions to Scientific Literature

We’re constantly intrigued by the latest leaps in science, and we’re not shy about diving into research ourselves! Take a look at our contributions towards the published literature on animal welfare and behaviour:
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  • Cheong, W. & Cabana, F. (Submitted for review) Effects of animal and plant protein on growth and metamorphosis of Dendrobates tinctorius tadpoles.
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