Puppy Holistic Development Programme (PhD)

Welcoming a new puppy into your home can be very daunting. It is completely normal to feel anxious about your puppy’s sleep, playtime, and potty training . 

We understand how overwhelming it can be, which is why we’ve developed our Puppy Holistic Development (PhD) course. This comprehensive puppy course covers a wide range of topics, from essential life skills to positive training methods and everything else that might fall through the gaps. At such a young age, your puppy’s brain is a sponge soaking up experiences and information constantly as they develop. We want to capitalise on this and that is precisely why our PhD programme is held twice a week over four weeks. Over the intense four-week duration, you’ll acquire invaluable knowledge to meet your puppy’s needs effectively. Our aim is to assist you in building a strong and enduring relationship with your new puppy.

To learn more about our instructors and our training approach, please visit our About Us page.

What we will cover:

Puppy Holistic Development (PhD)

Group Class

We offer private classes @ $180 per 1hr 30min Session. Click Here to book your first consult!

  • Class Duration: 1 hr, 8 classes
  • Class Dates: Wed & Sat, Twice a Week
  • Venue: TBC
  • Class Size: 4-6 dogs with pet parent(s)
  • Instructors: Webster & Qiai
  • Course Fee: $800

The skills you and your puppy will learn in this program are valuable for a lifetime.

Consistent practice is the key to mastering these skills and ensuring they become second nature to both of you. So, keep practicing, and you’ll see the positive impact it has on your puppy’s behaviour and your bond with them!

Completed the PhD programme and looking for more? Head to our Canine Good Citizen page for higher learning! Do also check out our other fun and exciting courses!

This programme is suitable for:

  • Puppies that are 10 months of age or below
  • New puppy parents who are looking for something new and engaging to do with their dogs
  • Puppies that are fully vaccinated (minimally Canine Core Vaccines) and dewormed
  • Puppies that are comfortable in a group class setting, in close proximity to other puppies and strangers (i.e. not aggressive or overly fearful)
  • Puppy parents who are able to commit to class TWICE a week
  • Puppies should not have any existing medical condition

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