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Training goes beyond simply teaching animals cute tricks. It is an essential aspect of animal care, equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in our world.

How We Contribute

Our Behaviour & Training Services

we offer a range of group classes, private classes and adventure walk & train services

Join us for exciting half-day stimulating, fruitful excursions to explore far-flung places on our Sunny Island! Our Walk & Train service is conducted by certified dog trainers, where we teach your pup new skills outdoors in a fun and engaging way.

Certified, educated and trusted professionals in animal behaviour and welfare, with more than a collective 15 years experience working with animals.

Chief Behaviourist of Pet Coach Singapore training a Singapore Special puppy using rewards-based methods

MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour & Animal Welfare (University of Edinburgh), Certified Shelter Dog Behaviour Consultant (IAABC), Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA), Certified Fear Free Professional Trainer, AVS Accredited Certified Dog Trainer (AVS-ACDT)

Head Coach Webster from Pet Coach Singapore at a positive reinforcement dog training session with a golden retriever

BA. in Psychology, Accredited Dog Trainer (IAABC), Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), Certified Fear Free Professional Trainer, Certificate in Canine Fitness

Why train my dog?

Learning to train your dog is an important investment into their well-being and the quality of your relationship. Here are some reasons why dog training is crucial!

Responsible Pet Ownership

In a densely populated city like Singapore, basic obedience training skills such as sit, stay, recall, leash-walking and settling become essential to ensuring your dog is happy, safe, and doesn’t become a nuisance to others or a source of stress for everyone. Skills such as learning not to bark excessively, being comfortable being left at home alone, and socialising well with humans and dogs are vital to raising an adaptable, confident, and well-behaved companion in multiple situations. A well-behaved dog is more likely to be accepted in public spaces, and have positive interactions with other dogs and people.

Enrichment and Mental Stimulation

As dogs are intelligent creatures that thrive on challenges, dog training activities engages their minds, minimising boredom and destructive behaviours. Training can also encourage problem-solving skills in dogs, equipping them with the ability to adapt better to different situations to become more capable companions.

Bonding with your Dog

Rewards-based dog training enhances communication between you and your dog. It strengthens the bond and creates a mutual understanding, fostering a relationship built on trust and companionship. Positive training can even help you understand your dog’s behaviour better, and allow you to provide the best care for your beloved pup!

Preventing Behaviour Problems

Early dog training and behavioural modification can help serious and persistent behaviour problems from developing. It is important to address issues such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, fear, excessive barking and toilet training as soon as possible, to avoid the need for more training and greater intervention later on.

Head Coach Webster giving a talk on positive pet training to a large attentive audience at Asia Cat Expo.
We consult for businesses too

Looking to upskill your employees in animal behaviour and training? We have successfully trained pet industry professionals such as daycare / boarding / pet shop staff, veterinarians and tertiary students (e.g. polytechnics / universities).

Contact us for a bespoke programme that will benefit your business and clients!

FAQs on Dog Training

While learning obedience skills are a significant aspect, dog training goes beyond ‘commands’. It includes skills that encourage socialisation, problem-solving, and adapting to various environments, contributing to a well-rounded and adaptable dog that is comfortable in a big city environment like Singapore.

It’s ideal to start training your dog as early as possible, typically when they are puppies (from 3 months old). However, older dogs benefit greatly from rewards-based training, and it is never too late to establish positive behaviours.

Certified dog trainers provide science-based expertise, ensuring effective and positive training methods. In a world where misinformation and poor advice is readily available on the internet, it is a much safer option to engage a qualified dog trainer to guide you through the correct training methods. Harmful training methods can result in your dog developing behavioural issues which can take even more money and effort to resolve in the long run.

Yes, training is beneficial for all dog breeds. While certain breeds may have specific traits, every dog can benefit from training to establish positive behaviours and strengthen the owner-dog relationship. In addition, it is highly recommended that owners of larger breeds undergo dog training as it will be easier and safer to manage later on. Breeds listed under the Schedule of the AVS/NParks legislation are required by law to undergo obedience training by an AVS-accredited trainer. Dog training for Singapore Specials (stray/rescued dogs) are also highly recommended since they may be prone to behaviour issues such as fear, anxiety and aggression, and will need help learning to live in our busy city environment.

Yes, behaviour modification through training can be effective in addressing problematic behaviours. Professional dog trainers can assess the issues and create a tailored plan to target the issue effectively. Remember, each dog is unique, and the training approach may vary. Seeking professional advice can ensure a customised plan that suits your dog’s individual needs and your specific context.

Training is an ongoing process, and dogs are always learning about the world around them! While basic skills may be learned relatively quickly, reinforcement and consistent training are essential to maintain and build upon these behaviours throughout your dog’s life.

Group training classes involve multiple owners and their dogs in a shared space, whereas private training classes offer one-on-one sessions with a trainer, providing personalised attention and focusing on specific needs and behaviours unique to your dog. Group training is often more affordable but cannot be customised, and may not be suitable for your dog if it is uncomfortable with other dogs and strangers in a confined space.

Affordable, credible private dog training services normally range between $150 – $300 per hour. The number of sessions will vary, depending on the specific issue, the environment as well as the commitment and effort put in by you to carry out the training exercises. While it may cost more initially, professional dog training is an investment into your dog’s future behaviour and your skill in teaching your dog desirable behaviours for the rest of their lives, hence saving you money, effort and time in the long run.

We charge between $150 – 225 for a 1hr private session, depending on the service provided. This fee reflects our expertise, time, transport and continuing education to serve you and your pet with the best science-based, updated treatment plan possible.

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