Group Dog Training Classes

Join us for fun and affordable dog training classes!
A head coach from Pet Coach extends his hand towards an eager dog, which reaches out its paw in response. A symbol of positive reinforcement training.
A dog extends its paw towards a human hand in a gesture of cooperation.

Canine Cooperative Care

Teach your dog to accept, and even enjoy common grooming and medical procedures that are normally stressful, such as veterinary exams, blood draws, nail clipping and ear cleaning.

Price: $650 for 6 weekly classes (1hr 15min per class)

Canine Fitness (Fit Dog)

Enhance your dog’s flexibility, mobility, and body awareness through canine fitness and conditioning techniques with our qualified instructor

Price: $650 for 6 weekly class (1hr 15min per class)

Puppy Holistic Development (PhD)

Learn to raise your puppy holistically. This comprehensive programme covers a wide range of topics, from essential life skills to positive training methods.

Price: $800 for 8 classes held twice a week, for 4 weeks (60min per class)

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Learn essential obedience skills to become a well-behaved and respected member of the community. We use scientifically-backed, rewards-based training methods to teach your dogs desirable behaviour.

Price: $650 for 6 weekly classes (1 hr 15min per class)

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